All About Flyball

Flyball is a relay race in which 2 Flyball teams compete against each other, completing a number of heats – 3, 4 or 5. A team consists of 4 main dogs and their handlers, a boxloader, and one or two alternate dogs and handlers. A dog from each team races over a series of 4 hurdles, trigggers a Flyball box, catches the ball that flies out of the box, and returns with it over the 4 hurdles and across the start/finish line, meeting the next dog at that line. The race is won by the first team to have all 4 dogs successfully complete their runs.

The height of the jumps is determined by the height of the smallest dog on the team so big and small dogs can compete.

Flyball can be enjoyed by all dogs, whether purebred or mixed – rescued dogs are just as valued as those from certified breeders.

All dogs must be at least one year of age to participate, as younger than that risks injury to growing bones and muscles. Being energetic and active is a definite plus, as well as having good obedience skills and socialization.

Dogs who enter tournaments earn points towards titles; these points are based on the speed of the team during the heat.

During the 2012 racing season, the fastest time for a NAFA team was 15.093 sec, recorded by Rocket Relay, a team from the Hamiltion, Ontario area.   The fastest Ufli time recorded was 14.690 seconds by Touch N Go out of Las Vegas, Nevada.   Since the flyball lane is 51 feet down and 51 feet back, that means those four dogs were moving fast !

How can you get started?
We’re eager to meet new dogs and handlers who are looking to have fun, and maybe to compete. It’s a sport that takes time and commitment from both dog and handler but a sport that those who play it, love.

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