Meet The Team


DOB: June 23, 2008

Owners: Ally & Lee-Ann

Handler:  Ally

Buffy lives for one thing – the ball.  If she could drive herself to practice, operate a can opener and launch her own ball, I would be out of a job.   She has a standing weekly date with her other four legged friends who share the same passion.  Buffy loves tournaments but does not, however, travel well to or from.   She puts on her bravest face, squeezes her way into  her crate and waits til the wild ride is over.  Then she’s off to the races, barking all the way.  You will always hear her at practices and tournaments before you see her.  She’s got a lot to say about her love of flyball and is willing to tell anyone who will listen.


D.O.B :  October 22, 2011

Origin:  Avalon Coolies, Prince George, BC

Breed:  German Coolie

Owner/handler:   Erika

Pixie-Dust is a little Coolie with a big personality who loves everyone and every dog, and must share that love by giving kisses.  Pixie-Dust does use her cuteness to her advantage where ever possible.   She’s always up for an adventure, even going on a road trip to Yellowknife, NWT with her mom.  Her favourite things are:  fancy collars, de-stuffing toys, chasing the cat, grandma’s house, walks, playing chuck-it, the beach, and cuddles.   Pixie-Dust loves Flyball – it really gets her excited.  She’s looking forward to hitting the race lanes in the near future.

Stormy (Miss Stormalong)

D.O.B.:  Aug.30, 2013

Origin:  Chandrea Farms,  Newport, Washington

Owners:  Tony & Marg

Handler:  Marg


This little black and white bundle of energy often gets mistaken for a tiny Border Collie until the lack of a tail clicks in … “Oh, mini Aussie!”   Stormy’s delicate face conceals an attitude more suited to a dog twice her size – when playing with Ruff, she’s absolutely fearless unless he’s really trying to eat her.  As a newbie height dog, she’s practicing tug and recalls at home, and developing quick turns and speed when playing chase with Ruff, as well as on her turn board.    She’s already figured out that during flyball, the place to be is out on the floor, NOT in the kennel, and lets everyone know that she’d rather be playing!   Learning the game’s finer points is keeping her busy now…. taking the jumps in single strides, and coming back as fast as as she can to exhange the ball for the tuggie.  Her participation in tournaments gives Seeker and Honey much needed breaks.    In NAFA, she’s earned her first three titles… FD, FDX and FDCh, (is very close to FDCh – S),  and her first title in U-Fli … TF.


D.O.B: December 02, 2005

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Owners: Sid and Janet Drover

Handler: Sid

Honey was Born in Lloydminster, Alberta.

Her first family wanted a calm dog that after a day of being crated while they were at work would sit on their laps. HAHA! Anyone that knows Honey knows that she cannot sit still when there is excitement to be had!! Off to the SPCA she was sent!! We found out that she was there through some Flyball friends. We called to adopt her but she had been sent to a veterinary school for research (nothing terrible) but we can tell you she likes to keep her bum away from vets!

We called the school and were told she might be spoken for already.  We explained that we badly wanted a little Jack to come and do agility and flyball with us and live in a fully fenced yard with other dogs to play with. So they checked and we were able to pick her up the following Tuesday. We gave her the name Honey as we were beekeepers and it just seemed to be a good fit. And boy was it!

Her nickname is Honey Bunny as she is like the energizer bunny. You give her a ball and the game is non stop! She will throw you the ball for as long as you are there.

She tried agility and Flyball but Flyball was her thing, all speed and a ball, she was in heaven! Now that she has slowed down a bit as she is ten, maybe she could try agility again.

Her favourite things are rubber balls, children, balls, cosy nest like beds, oh and did I say balls! When she was young, it was the only thing I could use to get her to come back to me when she escaped out of the yard. Had to keep one in the mail box as there was no time to hunt one down as she was a speedy little thing!

Her favourite snacks are fresh carrots dug up from the garden – she will do the digging if necessary,  bananas, cucumber and oranges.

Don’t let all this cuteness fool you;  if there is too much excitement and barking going on,  she will be the first to pick a fight with her siblings, but she is the one that usually ends up with a new scar!